Custom NFL Coffee Travel Mugs,, Seattle Seahawks

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Custom NFL Coffee Travel Mugs,, Seattle Seahawks

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Although the broader jury pool surely consists of disgruntled Rams fans who would love to stick it to Stan, the reality is that there are plenty of non-football fans, in every market. Indeed, fewer than 100 million Americans watched this year’s Super Bowl, even though the country has more than 350 million people in it. Indeed, the best threshold question for any and all prospective jurors would be whether they watched all or part of Super Bowl XXXIV, Super Bowl XXXVI, and/or Super Bowl LIII, each of which featured the Rams. If the answer is no as to each of those three Super Bowls, it’s safe to say the person wasn’t and isn’t a Rams fan.

But with Minnesota’s current cap situation and offensive lineman Ezra Cleveland waiting in the wings, there was an argument to be made for the team moving on from Reiff. On Wednesday, it became more than an argument: The Vikings announced that they released Reiff.Seattle Seahawks

The Cowboys could instead dip into the free-agent market and find great options like Tyrod Taylor. C.J Beathard and Jacoby Brissett are experienced backups with starting experience. Would Cam Newton be interested in being a backup?

If Wilson is gone, that is one less top-tier quarterback they don’t have to deal with twice a year.

Brady signed a two-year, $50 million contract with Tampa Bay last March that included another $9 million in incentives. In his first season with his new team, the 43-year-old led the Bucs to their second-ever Super Bowl title and the seventh of his illustrious NFL career.Jacksonville Jaguars
Custom NFL Coffee Travel Mugs

A team could take a chance on Mack and give him a prove-it deal in free agency, hoping that the injury didn’t take away too much of his explosiveness. If he can return to form without issue, he will be a steal for one team.Las Vegas Raiders


Michael Jordan once famously retired in 1993 only to be back on the court with the Chicago Bulls two seasons later.Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Custom Travel NFL Mugs, Philadelphia Eagles